Scola Interactive Board


Several years ago, computer, which was used to be seemed as a luxurious tool; it was just a game for noble only for a long period in human history, how could we image that computer has been becoming so all-pervading now, it was Intel, with no effort to popularize them to our daily life, it was Intel that provide a strong heart to computer and solved the problem of commoditization. World has been changed till then.

Now day, with the same reason, the problem has been popping up again in our classroom. Interactive whiteboard has evolved some few classrooms in the world into interactive learning center, for most of the reason is that the solid interactive whiteboard not get the most out of current resources, they just replace the blackboard with another interactive whiteboard. We, D-Rate, has mapped another way to provide teachers an advanced solution by upgrading current blackboard to an interactive learning space. World will be changed by now...



          Convert any surface (standard whiteboard, plasma, rear projection etc) into an interactive whiteboard.


         Carry and share an interactive whiteboard wherever you go


         A smooth transition into digital interactive classroom with minimal prerequisites for installation space and equipments.


          Greater accuracy, higher resolution, lower latency and refraction, larger working space enabled by break-through Unified- Infra technology


Carry small

          It is small, portable and easy to carry, even can be fitted in your pocket with the weighs less than one pond just. Wherever you are, whenever you need, Edubaord can be delivered to the right place at right time effectively.

 Live large

      The portable EduBoard system brings you an interactive whiteboard with a maximum size of 120 inch diagonal.

Work easy

          The innovative tool palettes provide you a powerful unique circular interface that provides all the tools that you need most. These revolutionary tool palettes customize themselves to whatever you are doing on your computer, whether navigating programs, annotating software applications, or presenting dynamic PowerPoint presentations. A dedicated button on the stylus allows you to snap the palette to wherever you need it or hide it.


School management

Scola turn the current blackboard and whiteboard into a powerful interactive whiteboard; upgrade the classroom to an interactive learning space. These could not only get the most out of current resources, also improve the digital construction of education.

 scola can record and save the entire process of teaching so it helps us supervising every detail within classroom. The lecture can be tailored as education data base, share with students on-line.

 Training teachers to make them have a good understanding of leading edge education technology and tools even the education experience.


 To draw, write, link with video/ audio, teachers could make their lecture more vivid especial for the Language or Art. Also by annotating, portraying, zooming sharing, it can simplify some complicated, nonfigurative issue for science technology teaching process.

         All the computer resources storage including photo, webpage, flash video, and on-line search can be applied to EduBoard, not the PowerPoint document only.

            scola can save all of the content teacher give within U storage to share with students after class; students don't need to worry about any message missed out. Apart from that, with the function of spotlight and screen cover, attention could be focused on the pointed area deliberately.


 Students can illustrate their question and show idea clearly by means of Edubaord, with drawing, writing, and operating any application program, Edubaord can help students collecting and recording their brainstorm, and make lecture prepared well. It is indeed a new experience they have ever had.

 Show any content which teacher operate on EduBoard to the students' PC simultaneously, in this way, student who is absent or lazy eye could keep breast of others, on top of that, they can even bring back home with the saved content.

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